Swimwear and Fun themes with beautiful E and her friends: H and A! We have a ton of multi-girl shoots featuring beach fun and pool play to seasonal themes and as the girls get older more lingerie and custom attire selections.  Don't miss any of the new titles!

The girls are very cute, smart and really energetic and have a natural camera presence with their big bright eyes. Recent shoots feature the girls in customer provided attire as well as our own label swimwear. The girls are growing fast!

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April 2014 DVD with Elizabeth

April 2014 Elizabeth  Wow, it's been a while since we've seen Elizabeth (early Dec 2013) and evidently she has convinced her mom to let her change her hair, she's been wanting to darken it for a while now and the red is simply a great new look for her.

Disc 1  starts out with a cute outfit sent in and we do this session a little differently, first we do some standup in front of the backdrop like we have been, then we shoot her lying down with the slower camera movements and then we go over to the front living room and shoot some more. I was calling this shooting style the "slow and beautiful" theme like the April and July releases from last year. The third set on disc one has E in the black slingshot with hot pink fishnets. Babs was supposed to be along but was called into work. It seems like forever I've had a single girl shoot! A LOT less chaotic!

Disc 2  continues the black slingshot in the living room for more slow and beautiful shots. Next we go outside on the lawn chair for a few minutes with E wearing a little bikini. Mom's roommate helps out with the water spray and the soapy suds on the porch, as well all know a bath is much funner with two! Finally we go out to the beach very late in the day for a little video and some bikini pictures. A very long and productive day with a strong emphasis on Elizabeth's natural beauty.

March 2014 DVD Part One has 2 Discs  $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the April 2014 Disc 1: 

Some sample video images from the April 2014 Disc 2: 

Some extra sample video images from April 2014:


"Hi Dave,
Wow, take a bow and then kick back and relax a bit after this one -- thanks for producing such a lovely video with the ever-beautiful Elizabeth! :) Bikinis, slingshot, lingerie/costume - she made them all look great. I like the usual, free-form style, especially when there are multiple models, but the "slow and beautiful" is a really nice addition, especially as the girls have gotten older, and the beach and porch scenes always add to the variety, too. Cute, energetic, helper with the suds, btw. :)
The only downside is that this wasn't a 3-parter or have a follow-up waiting in the wings (at least tell me there are pictures for later). I really hope that E will be back this summer for more shoots and I'm glad that you've captured so many scenes with her over the years."


March 2014 DVD with A and new Friends

March 2014 A, H and new Friends! New girls are in da house! Friends of H and A were invited to come model with the girls and they did a great job for their first shoots.  H is recovering from the dog bite so was helping out and assisting Mom with things to get 4 girls ready for photos. We shot indoors stuff, and some beach video over 2 days.

Disc 1  modeling sessions were shot on day one, we had 5 girls in the house and started off with Alexis showing her friends how we do our DVD's. Alexis is wearing a black outfit, sent in by a customer.  Nevaeh jumps in with Alexis and we get to know her a little, she's wearing a Lady Bug print bikini. Next up, looking super is Rheya and Rachel in our cool looking gothic suits. This set is split and the second part is on Disc two.  Both girls are a few years older than E and H.

Disc 2  continues with R and R finishing up the gothics set. I did some pictures inside and outside, day one weather was rainy and plans to hit the beach were cancelled...I couldn't fit them all in the car anyway! Alexis does her second set in the cute black dress with red bottoms. Nevaeh jumps in again to do her session with Alexis. Her outfit was a cute black booty short bikini collection. I think as the year progresses the girls will get a little more active outdoors with some exercise and sun.

March 2014 A, H and new Friends Part 2!

Disc 3 features new girls Rachel and Rheya. No warm up sessions needed as the girls jumped in with lingerie items sent in by fans and RWB slingshots with water spray. They wanted to be on the stage and I had taken down the mylar streamers and added a white backdrop. I think I'll take that down and try something else for next time. Maybe one of those real photographer back drops depending on cost and size. The final set on disc three has Rachel out on the beach for a few minutes.

Disc 4 finishes our cute beach session with the girls, and then here you go, the rest of disc four has Rachel and Rheya poppin the lids off some crayola water based paint to try their hand at painting. At first they work on being artistic with flowers and animals then one says something about her art then the other says oh yeah and then it's a full on paint splatter mess!

I was debating whether to raise the price on Part Two because of the paint session, but decided not too.

March 2014 DVD Part One has 2 Discs  $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

 March 2014 DVD Part Two has 2 Discs  $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the March 2014 Disc 1: 

Some sample video images from the March 2014 Disc 2: 

March 2014 A, H and new Friends Part 2!

Some sample video images from the March 2014 Disc 3 and 4: 

Some customer comments about the March 14 DVDs:

Got the DVDs... R&R are pretty great. Hopefully they come back again and 
do some dancing. Have babs show them how to twerk :P

So far I am really impressed with the new girls and I hope they will return for more sessions. As always A is stunning and I love how she wears the sheer sets. She has a fantastic body and I really love her curves.  Nevaeh is just a gorgeous young lady and she is outstanding in her first sets. I really would like to see more of her and hope she will progress into more bold sets if she comes back. Just a fantastic body one her. Rachel and Rheya look fantastic in the Gothic set and Rachel really hits it out of the park with the sheer outfit, My screen almost melted. Very nice beach scenes, it is a nice break from the inside sessions. The paint was fantastic and R and R were looking spectacular and seemed like they were real pros at modeling.

Glad to see H and it looks like she is healing well. Glad she is doing well and I hope she was not too hard on her roommates dog. Hope she returns to model soon.

The question at the end of paint, Hell yes we want them to come back. It sounds like you and them have already planned the next shoot, that is good.

Please tell all of the girls, old and new that we fans are very pleased and the are all beautiful and we are glad to support them and also you Dave.

PS, if they ever do any specials, I am in to support that effort.

Great work, Brian

January 2014 DVD with EH and A

January 2014 EH and A The usual December shoot was done over two sessions due to time and availability of the girls. Babs and Miss Alex both took time to be with relatives out of state so we'll have to get them later on. I'm thinking about another pool home rental depending on budget and availability.

Disc 1  features Alexis and Elizabeth wearing customer sent attire for the indoor sessions. Springtime we'll likely get back to the swimwear slow and beautiful and pool shoots. A has gone red on her hair and she looks great, the 80's big hair looks really good on her.  E wants to darken her hair too, but Mom is resisting. I thought it looked great back in 2011. E seems to get taller and trimmer every time we see her and she has beautiful eyes and legs.  E wears a short green mini dress and does some more hula hoop just for some movement. This is the first session we did.

Disc 2 features E and H together for a dual lingerie theme with the sent in attire, plus the girls found my hidden stash of snow and of course had to open it up! But it's all part of the show! A has a set too, I didn't originally plan for her to shoot again but we found something she can fit in and we're glad we did! A seems more comfortable each shoot by herself, her school activities likely helping out some. I know when I was school, the last thing I wanted was to be in the spotlight!

Disc 3 continues after our break, where we went to the mall, that's right we be hitting the mall 3 days before Christmas! Earlier I had paid for some shoes for them, and owed H a shopping trip as well. It was fun! We didn't do any video at the mall, humm maybe later on that might be a way to attract some prospects...anyway E and H put on some short tees and have some more play time with the snow, scissors...and some hot soappy water. This ends the second session.

The January 2014 Special has 3 Discs.  $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the January 2014 Disc 1: 

Some sample video images from the January 2014 Disc 2: 

Some sample video images from the January 2014 Disc 3: 

Some additional video images from the January 2014 Disc 2: 


November 2013 DVD with Babs and Friends!

November 2013 Bab's and Friends: I had the girls come over before Halloween to try out a different backdrop setting and had new dresses made especially for Babs and E, but she was busy babysitting and doing school activities, so A and H showed up which is ok by me! I keep asking the girls if they have some friends that might want to join in the fun too!

Disc 1 modeling session has Babs and H in the zipper dresses on the stage with the goal of having Babs teach H some dancing moves with secondary goal of having fun interacting with each other. Babs is looking healthy and in good spirits as is H. Lots of family drama going on back home with all the girls so its good for them to get away for a while. This is an extended set and disc one also has short segments with Babs and H playing around the new backdrop...another reason I asked the girls over so I could test this backdrop before I ask any first timers over.

Disc 2 has Babs and H doing a extended set with the green and blue sheer tops in front of the backdrop and finally we see the girls dancing and showing off their best Miley Cyrus moves. There is limited editing so these sets sometimes can get crazy with moves and directions. The rest of disc two has A wearing a school girl outfit on the stage, which is split into two parts.

November 2013 Bab's and Friends Part 2:

Disc 3 continues with A in her school girl uniform on the stage and with the backdrop. A's second set features a black button down top and gold bottoms sent in by another Alexis fan. She keeps getting more fans, at least from the email comments I get! Her band practice is helping her rhythm and she has learned how to sway her hips and be a little less hyper active. All good! Disc three continues with H looking super hip in a new bikini style and red boots and we finish the disc with some behinds scenes with E and H and have the first part of her purple lingerie session.

Disc 4 sessions continue with beautiful E in the purple lingerie with a little extra hula hoop action. E is looking trim and shapely, maybe it's just me, but seeing these girls every few months reveals just how beautiful the girls are becoming. A's final individual set will feature her in the black butterfly top and  black PVC shorts.  Mom does a great job with her hair!

Disc 5 is the freebie disc and will be sent with either part one or part two titles. The first set has Babs dancing in the black sheer mini dress. Our shoot was cut short by a family emergency and we were not able to get any pictures with Babs. Disc 5's second extended set has E, H and A together on creating chaos with a poor innocent balloon! Their individual sets are on Part Two's disc three and disc four.

The November 2013 Special is two parts! $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the November 2013 Disc 1: 

Some sample video images from the November 2013 Disc 2: 

November DVD with Babs and Friends! (Part 2)

Some sample video images from the November 2013 Disc 3: 

Some sample video images from the November 2013 Disc 4: 

Some sample video images from the November 2013 Disc 5: 


October's 2013 Back Home DVD:

October 2013 EMA Back Home: What a summer huh? Not sure if I'll be able to repeat all the stuff we did this summer next year! Our release for October has a fan favorite coming back home! Yes, Miss Alex came home in August and we hit her up to shoot with younger sis for some back to school shopping money!

Disc 1 starts off when Miss Alex in the black zipper dress and we get to find out a little about what she's been doing since our last time we saw her ( in Bab's Easter Special wearing bodypaint) hint: she hasn't been on a round the world walkabout! Too bad, as now is the time to do things like that when your young before life comes knocking.  The second set on Disc one has the sisters playing with the water spray in thong bottoms and cute little tops someone sent in. This is an extended set on the stage set. Think of this as an E special with big sis helping out!

Disc 2 has the girls out on the porch in the colorful pool with hot water and suds. E is wearing one of our custom made suits with the sparklesheen sheer material and is so beautiful. Alex is wearing a open front romper that she wore before. Perhaps we should have picked another suit for her, but Alex was a bit picky on her attire for this shoot! This is an extended session as well. The remaining time on this disc has the intro before water spray session.

Disc 3 is back on the stage after our late lunch break with the girls wearing cute lingerie outfits seen on the August sessions with the other girls. We have another customer sending in lots of outfits, so the girls have a bunch of stuff to choose from and they are pretty choosy! A customer reminded me of a set with E from 2012 that I haven't released, so I'll fill the last few minutes with that session. A cute outfit from 2012, and watching it, E is very cute too!

Buyers of this DVD get the Bonus disc "un-released H and gang" free! To qualify, just order this and one of the New November Babs and Friends DVD's!

The October 2013 Special is available for $39.99 and is on 3 DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the October 2013 Disc 1: 

Some sample video images from the October 2013 Disc 2: 

Some sample video images from the October 2013 Disc 3: 

Bonus Disc with un-released H and the girls from April:


September 2013 Special!

2013 September Special DVD   Whew! What a summer huh? The heat continues with our September release with A! This DVD showcases A sets at the June pool home rental. She did her sets while the girls were babysitting or out in the pool.

Disc 1 starts out with the white baby doll outfit that E wore in the July's release. Our first set is the upstairs room, I really liked the light coming in and of course A can't stay still and all those questions she asks! I tried to tell her to be quiet and look pretty! The second set on disc one features our zipper dress. The sets are extended and with limited editing.

Disc 2 goes to another theme room, after all these vacation homes are near the big theme parks and of course Alexis gives us a tour of the room in another customer provided lingerie outfit. Most of the sent in outfits seem to disappear after the shoot:) The last set has the conclusion of E pink bra and panty set. E's eyes are always so beautiful and expressive.

The September 2013 Special is available for $39.99 and is on 2 DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the September 2013 Disc 1: 

Some sample video images from the September 2013 Disc 2: 

September 2013 release is AH Encore Special!

2013 AH September Encore: Even more!! The girls came over for a shoot in mid August so they could get some back to school shopping done with their shoot fee. This was shot at the  home studio, and I'm feeling like I want to change it up a bit. You might not know but my 10 year anniversary is coming up in January 2014. A lot of you have been supporting the site since then, so thank you. Maybe I can do something special for the 10 year mark.

Disc 1 is all A for two sets as she wear outfits that arrived just a few days before the shoot! Good timing! She keeps growing and I'm running out of stuff to fit her. Most of my stuff is XS and S sizes...even H won't fit into the XS anymore, you might have noticed a few spectacular changes with her as well...A wears a sort white top with a black trim which she liked a lot and the second set a very thin black cutout mini dress with posing on the chair.

Disc 2 has H and A doing a baby oil spray and playing around on the stage, and so much for the "slow and beautiful" themes of the previous DVDs, with baby oil it's all slippery and messy! And before I could tell them no oil on their face, it was too late! And the final set with the porch pool to wash off the baby oil. I had planned on some more sets with H but she wasn't really feeling well so we'll have to have her catch up sometime later.

The September 2013 Special is available for $39.99 and is on 2 DVD-R Media Discs