Florida bikini modeling!

Our site features beautiful teenage girls modeling a variety of fashions.


In August 2014 we changed the site around a little!

The former Christmas girls page with the sisters and friends are all ok and doing fine. We just updated the links and renamed and redid the site pages. So that is why the familiar links are no longer working.  We do this once every few years or so to keep you on your toes!

December 2015 Update:

We've made a new fancy sample DVD for new fans! The sample DVD will be shipped as always with orders from new customers, or you can send me your address info and I can mail free of charge. We'll watch to make sure we are not sending duplicates. The Catalog DVD has sample clips from some of this years modeling dvd releases and maybe the hint of a return of a fan favorite! Plus, a model image slideshow too.

New modeling prospects can be intimidated by the advanced modeling themes and suits our experienced girls were shown wearing on un-approved google images! Our model search on FB created some controversy, so we want new prospects to be comfortable for their first sessions, so our site update should fix that, while we concentrate on selling new dvds! Any questions email us and we'll get back to you.

Thanks for your continued support and as always we appreciate our loyal customers and fans!

We retooled our pages and added some html code to get back to our original market plan. Email for additional info!

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