Swimwear and custom themes with the girls we all love! New DVDs released in 2014 have some new fresh faces! Rachel and Rheya and Alexis's girl friend Nevaeh join the fun!

The girls are very cute, smart and really energetic and have a natural camera presence with their big bright eyes. Recent shoots feature the girls in customer provided attire with the new white background and a return to the 'slow and beautiful' posing to produce a visually appealing DVD presentation.

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EHA DVD's released in 2013

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July 2014 DVD with Rheya

July 2014 Rheya  July's DVD release stars Rheya all by herself. Rheya is the older sister (16) of Nevaeh, one of Alexis's girl friends. Their fun DVD was released for June. Rheya modeled with Rachel on the two part March release and did the artistic painting set earlier in the year. She has incredible eyes and a brilliant smile.

Disc 1  During the last shoot Rheya said she likes purple so I went to the mall by myself and bought more panties guessing at her size for this new session. The first set has Rheya in a black mesh outfit provided by a customer and we shoot in front of the backdrop and on the floor. The second set we use a top sent in and cut it just right! At first I had it in the junk bag then though well, maybe we can use it. The long sleeves adds a lot of softness to Rheya and we loved the look. We went outside and pretended to have a shower. Rheya's hair color would have ran and ruined the shirt:) The third session has Rheya on the sofa in another long sleeved ruffled thing with pink panties.

Disc 2  continues with the white ruffled top and pink panties (panties are great, you ought to get some) on the sofa and floor. Next set is with the pretty green dress and we do an extended session on the brown sofa and the colors are nice and warm. Our last set has Rheya in the crop top again outside with a little water spray fun with water girl Alexis.

The un-released Misty model DVD

July 2014 DVD has 2 Discs  $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the July 2014 Disc 1: 

Some sample video images from the July 2014 Disc 2: 


June 2014 DVD with Alexis and Nevaeh

Jun 2014 Alexis and Nevaeh  June's DVD release stars lovely Alexis and her bestie Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwords, kids these days...:) Our two young ladies came over in late May and did a fun shoot. We even went to the mall and stopped by Victoria Secrets  and some of the undies are on this shoot.  Unfortunately the girls took all the undies home! $123 worth!

Disc 1  starts out with Alexis in a tight black zipper dress and black booty shorts for Nevaeh in front of the backdrop. Some of the customer sent in attire specifically for Alexis was not sized correctly, so we couldn't use it. Our second set has Alexis wearing a suspender set and vinyl shorts with Nevaeh in our classic Black Gothic. The girls have a lot of fun and chemistry together, not quite like H and R yet. The last short segment on disc one has some quiet time with Nevaeh out on the porch lawn chair. The quite time set we can talk and get to know the models better.

Disc 2  starts with a short intro taken at the mall with the girls and then we try for a encore of the rainbow socks that H and R did so well! Set two has the popular butterfly tops and the final session on disc two has our 'slow and beautiful' session with the girls lying on the floor and we get some quiet conversation.

Disc 3 continues with the bonus extended 'slow and beautiful' sessions from the socks and butterfly sets and a session I did back in 2007 with a former TTB model named Misty.  After all the issues in 2007 with Bonny Lass Heather and Kiri, the Misty material was put on the back burner and never was released. The Misty session is 23 minutes long.

Some customer comments from this new release: "Just watched the latest DVD...pretty awesome! The Missy footage was definitely very sexy. I think you should put it out for sure, although I'd like to see more DVDs like the April DVD with Elizabeth. The slingshot set on that DVD was very hot!"

"Received the Jun DVD set Friday and did a quick look last night. I am very pleased with the videos of the girls this month. Started out a little slow and N seemed a little shy at first but this seemed to have been overcome as the shoot went. A and N seemed to really grow and get more comfortable. N has some nice tan lines and freckles, I do like that..."

June 2014 DVD has 3 Discs  $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the Jun 2014 Disc 1: 

Some sample video images from the Jun 2014 Disc 2: 

Some sample video images from the Jun 2014 Disc 3: 


May 2014 DVD with Heather and Rachel

May 2014 Heather and Rachel  I've been getting a lot of emails asking about the new girls from March and when was Heather coming back, so I now I can answer those questions! Well here they are! There was some concern about whether Heather was going to model again, so we are very glad to have her back with Rachel. The girls look great and we had a fun shoot!

Disc 1  Rachel and Heather have great chemistry together and create a lot of energy. Plenty of movement and singing along with the music with lots of laughter. Teenage laughter is such a sweet sound. I tried to slow it down a little for more slow and beautiful shots, but with the two working so well together, well you know, I just went with the flow! Disc one has the school girl outfits in two parts and the first part of the flirty butterfly tops.

Disc 2  continues with the flirty butterfly tops before our lunch break. The girls are doing great! After lunch we let their hair down to show the colors and had them wear short booty shorts and colorful socks. They soon realized they could slide on the paper background and off they went! The second part of the socks slows things down as the girls lay on the floor and rest a little while we take in their natural beautiful lines.

Disc 3 is a bonus disc with the girls out on the porch looking stunning in the afternoon light.

The girls didn't want to do separate sets and I didn't want to dampen their sprits especially with Heather who I'm sure is still at a sensitive time while her face is healing.

May 2014 DVD has 3 Discs  $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the May 2014 Disc 1: 

Some sample video images from the May 2014 Disc 2: 

Some additional sample video images from the May 2014 DVD release: 


April 2014 DVD with Elizabeth

April 2014 Elizabeth  Wow, it's been a while since we've seen Elizabeth (early Dec 2013) and evidently she has convinced her mom to let her change her hair, she's been wanting to darken it for a while now and the red is simply a great new look for her.

Disc 1  starts out with a cute outfit sent in and we do this session a little differently, first we do some standup in front of the backdrop like we have been, then we shoot her lying down with the slower camera movements and then we go over to the front living room and shoot some more. I was calling this shooting style the "slow and beautiful" theme like the April and July releases from last year. The third set on disc one has E in the black slingshot with hot pink fishnets. Babs was supposed to be along but was called into work. It seems like forever I've had a single girl shoot! A LOT less chaotic!

Disc 2  continues the black slingshot in the living room for more slow and beautiful shots. Next we go outside on the lawn chair for a few minutes with E wearing a little bikini. Mom's roommate helps out with the water spray and the soapy suds on the porch, as well all know a bath is much funner with two! Finally we go out to the beach very late in the day for a little video and some bikini pictures. A very long and productive day with a strong emphasis on Elizabeth's natural beauty.

April 2014 DVD has 2 Discs  $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the April 2014 Disc 1: 

Some sample video images from the April 2014 Disc 2: 

Some extra sample video images from April 2014:


March 2014 DVD with A and new Friends

March 2014 A, H and new Friends! New girls are in da house! Friends of H and A were invited to come model with the girls and they did a great job for their first shoots.  H is recovering from the dog bite so was helping out and assisting Mom with things to get 4 girls ready for photos. We shot indoors stuff, and some beach video over 2 days.

Disc 1  modeling sessions were shot on day one, we had 5 girls in the house and started off with Alexis showing her friends how we do our DVD's. Alexis is wearing a black outfit, sent in by a customer.  Nevaeh jumps in with Alexis and we get to know her a little, she's wearing a Lady Bug print bikini. Next up, looking super is Rheya and Rachel in our cool looking gothic suits. This set is split and the second part is on Disc two.  Both girls are a few years older than E and H.

Disc 2  continues with R and R finishing up the gothics set. I did some pictures inside and outside, day one weather was rainy and plans to hit the beach were cancelled...I couldn't fit them all in the car anyway! Alexis does her second set in the cute black dress with red bottoms. Nevaeh jumps in again to do her session with Alexis. Her outfit was a cute black booty short bikini collection. I think as the year progresses the girls will get a little more active outdoors with some exercise and sun.

March 2014 A, H and new Friends Part 2!

Disc 3 features new girls Rachel and Rheya. No warm up sessions needed as the girls jumped in with lingerie items sent in by fans and RWB slingshots with water spray. They wanted to be on the stage and I had taken down the mylar streamers and added a white backdrop. I think I'll take that down and try something else for next time. Maybe one of those real photographer back drops depending on cost and size. The final set on disc three has Rachel out on the beach for a few minutes.

Disc 4 finishes our cute beach session with the girls, and then here you go, the rest of disc four has Rachel and Rheya poppin the lids off some crayola water based paint to try their hand at painting. At first they work on being artistic with flowers and animals then one says something about her art then the other says oh yeah and then it's a full on paint splatter mess!

I was debating whether to raise the price on Part Two because of the paint session, but decided not too.

March 2014 DVD Part One has 2 Discs  $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

 March 2014 DVD Part Two has 2 Discs  $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the March 2014 Disc 1: 

Some sample video images from the March 2014 Disc 2: 

March 2014 A, H and new Friends Part 2!

Some sample video images from the March 2014 Disc 3 and 4: 


January 2014 DVD with EH and A

January 2014 EH and A The usual December shoot was done over two sessions due to time and availability of the girls. Babs and Miss Alex both took time to be with relatives out of state so we'll have to get them later on. I'm thinking about another pool home rental depending on budget and availability.

Disc 1  features Alexis and Elizabeth wearing customer sent attire for the indoor sessions. Springtime we'll likely get back to the swimwear slow and beautiful and pool shoots. A has gone red on her hair and she looks great, the 80's big hair looks really good on her.  E wants to darken her hair too, but Mom is resisting. I thought it looked great back in 2011. E seems to get taller and trimmer every time we see her and she has beautiful eyes and legs.  E wears a short green mini dress and does some more hula hoop just for some movement. This is the first session we did.

Disc 2 features E and H together for a dual lingerie theme with the sent in attire, plus the girls found my hidden stash of snow and of course had to open it up! But it's all part of the show! A has a set too, I didn't originally plan for her to shoot again but we found something she can fit in and we're glad we did! A seems more comfortable each shoot by herself, her school activities likely helping out some. I know when I was school, the last thing I wanted was to be in the spotlight!

Disc 3 continues after our break, where we went to the mall, that's right we be hitting the mall 3 days before Christmas! Earlier I had paid for some shoes for them, and owed H a shopping trip as well. It was fun! We didn't do any video at the mall, humm maybe later on that might be a way to attract some prospects...anyway E and H put on some short tees and have some more play time with the snow, scissors...and some hot soappy water. This ends the second session.

The January 2014 Special has 3 Discs.  $39.99  Recorded on DVD-R Media Discs

Some sample video images from the January 2014 Disc 1: 

Some sample video images from the January 2014 Disc 2: 

Some sample video images from the January 2014 Disc 3: 

Some additional video images from the January 2014 Disc 2: 

The 2013 DVDs with Elizabeth, Heather, Alexis and Babs has moved!

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To see all the EHA 2013 DVD's Click Here!

The 2013 DVDs with Elizabeth, Heather, Alexis and Babs has moved!


2012 Fall Special Part One:

2012 Fall Part 1:  The girls are back! Our Fall Special has video sessions from June, July and August 2012.

Disc 1 E and H model a cute jacket and skirt combo sent in by a customer for a short set. The girls outdid themselves with flashback to the 80's in tight mini dresses and beautiful hair. The disc continues with the girls in fishnet stockings and short tees. The final set on Disc 1 is out at the park where they have some fun before hitting the beach in bikinis.  I added some music over the audio from the park.

Disc 2: Some of the fans have asked where A has been?  Well she evidently has been working hard and has lost some weight and grown up a bit.  I haven't seen her since March. This Disc 2 features E and A wearing some cute lingerie outfits sent in for an extended set. The second extended session has the girls out in the backyard pool. E is in a black one piece and A in a green one piece and of course water is involved :)

The Fall  2012 set is available for $39.99 and is on DVD-R Media

Some sample video images from the Fall Special Disc 1: 

 Some sample video images from the Fall Special Disc 2:

2012 Fall Special Part Two:

2012 Fall DVD Part 2:  H and her sis, A!  We did this shoot in August before school started.

Disc 3: H by herself! At least for a few sets, she wears our black zipper dress on stage to start as a nice warm up. Additional sets include cute lingerie outfits sent in by customers with her sis, we even get some house chores done with the girls! And we end the disc 3 with beautiful H wearing a very sleek silver foil slingshot suit.

Disc 4: This disc has a very long set with H and A having the water bottle spray fight! The girls have a lot of energy and bounce and dance around a lot. The final set has the beach footage with E and H playing in the waves right before a massive storm approaches. Summertime in Florida has these storms on a daily basis.

The Fall 2012 Classic is available for $39.99 and is on DVD-R Media

Some sample video images from the Fall Special Part 2 Disc 3: 

Some sample video images from the Fall Special Part 2 Disc 4: 


2012 Spring Special!

2012 Spring DVD:  The girls are back! This could be called the birthday special too, as Eliz and H both had birthdays since the Winter Special 2011! In a few years they'll be driving!!

Disc 1 has the girls modeling cute baby dolls that were sent in, the girls like wearing different outfits, so thanks! Send outfits in if you want, however I can't guarantee the girls will wear them. The second extended set has the girls in short tops and thongs for a hula hoop contest and free styling dance and singing. Eliz came over on her birthday for a few hours on a work day headed to the beach. E has a short birthday web cam chat. (offline, we don't have the girls interact )

Disc 2 has E by herself in a tee top and pink/blue socks for her birthday set. H must have slept in... The second set on Disc 2 is a water balloon 'fight' that turned into a 'chase the girls down with a water hose' by E's brother's girlfriend. The girls are wearing cut tees and a suspender style suit also sent in by a fan.  It was getting late and the girls assigned to fill balloons were wasting so much time, we ran out of light. The last video segment is a preview :)

The Spring 2012 is available for $39.99 and is on DVD-R Media

Some sample video images from the Spring Special Disc 1and 2: 


 2011 Winter Specials with the girls and special guest!

2011 Winter Special Part 1: Wow, E and H become more beautiful every time we see them! Our Winter Special was filmed over a series of short shoots from October to December 2011.

Disc 1 sets were shot near Halloween and while I didn't have a Halloween themed stage or props I had the girls in Orange and Black Catsuits and Mom added some makeup accents. With the second set the girls did some more wrestling wearing bikini bottoms and slinky tops. The girls get bored easily now, so it's hard to keep them focused. Props help like a new house with pool and spa...( hint, any rich donations welcome :) ) But until then, the ball, Mr. Teddy and hula hoop help get the girls moving for the next set with H silver thong and E in yellow thong.

Disc 2 is our second Christmas session! Generous customers have sent in themed outfits so we used the Red fur trimmed bikinis for the shoot. E brings over a new girl, "Rose" and she helps out with the decorating and unwrapping gifts! The conclusion of the wrestling is on this disc and the girls actually do a little wrestling! Next is the soapy bubble bath! Or at least the first part of the bath session...the conclusion is on Disc 4.  And the final session is the Christmas decorating the tree and room, sort of a behind scenes look.

2011 Winter Special Part 2 with special Guest Models: Part 2 DVD finishes the session with E and H and guest model Rose. To complete the DVD we are including E and Bab's themed session we shot a few weeks before the other girls came over.

Disc 3 is the 'party' with all the girls interacting during the extended set with the teardown of the tinsel and the girls singing and dancing! Lots of fun with this set. E and H wear bikinis with new girl R in the Christmas elf outfit and A wearing our mini dress with the white fur. The other set on Disc 3 has Eand H wearing custom made slingshots with Holiday colors. This set goes from the stage to our other room with the mirror.

Disc 4 concludes the soapy bubble bath and we have three sessions with Eand Babs having fun with each other with a Christmas themed set and additional sets with customer provided attire.  They also play dress up with all the remaining bits and pieces of tinsel. I bought a lot as I knew the girls like to tear it up:)

The Winter Special Part 1 and Part 2 Sets are available for $39.99 each on DVD-R Media

Some sample video images from the Winter Special Disc 1and 2: 


Some sample video images from the Winter Special Part 2 Disc 3 and 4: 

Some pictures taken during the shoot:

2011 Summer Specials!

2011 Summer Special Part 1: Wow, E and H continue to grow and become more beautiful every time we see them! Our Summer Special was filmed over a series of short shoots from June to late July 2011.

Disc 1 has 3 segments and includes the conclusion of the backyard pool with the waterproof camera from the spring shoots. The Intro set has the girls in Australian made Surf Shorts and a soft cotton T tops for a very soft and feminine look. The second extended set is with customer provided leotards and socks for a "wrestling" set...after snacks of course! E and H each added colored streaks to their hair, and E's dark hair created a new beautiful look for her.

Disc 2 we go outside and hit the river park! Going to the park allows us to get some nice pictures for the catalog and the girls have fun at the playground and beach. The first park session it was about to rain, so I used the waterproof camera and added some music for the girls playing in the rain. The second park session was bright and sunny and we went to other areas of the park. Disc 2 also has the indoor pool set in one piece suits and the final set features E in a RWB slingshot she wore during the August shoot with Babs. Only a few commented on the web cam video clip seen on Babs' August dvd...

2011 Summer Special Part 2:

Disc 3 finishes the beach set with the girls playing on the beach, the weather was great and the surf a little rough. The waterproof sessions out in the waves will be on a later DVD. E finishes her RWB slingshot set and we have another extended set with customer provided attire, matching baby dolls which looked very cute! Thanks to the fan who sent them in, the girls loved them, I don't see them lying around so they must have taken them home:)

Disc 4 has two extended sets: Another wrestling session with custom made Stars and Stripes one piece thongs to celebrate the fourth of July and lastly: a new thong bikinis from the swimwear vendor on the stage and our front room set.

The Summer Special Part 1 and Part 2 Sets are available for $39.99 each on DVD-R Media

Some sample video images from the Summer Special Disc 1 and Disc 2: 

Some sample video images from the Part 2 Summer Special Disc 3 and 4: 


2011 Spring Special with the girls!

2011 Spring Special HD We had the girls over in late March and shot some great fun video!

Disc 1 has 5 video segments: Mini Dresses, Disco Shorts, the second part of the Rompers, the Bonus Snack break and general horsing around and a sit down in front of our  "web cam!"  The disc starts with the Mini Dresses, Green and Purple. A note to those who want to send in clothing- Green and Purple are E's favorite colors.  The Disco Dot shorts are from our original swimwear purchase. The girls have fun making up games and tearing down the remains of the garland. This is an extended set and includes the "Bonus" segment. The girls meet my local turtle in the back yard and then proceed to sample everything in my fridge! The Rompers continues from the earlier DVD and finally a little webcam where the girls can chat and act silly...even more than usual!

Disc 2 is all pool activities! We have the girls in the little pool with H's sis doing the hot water pouring. The girls are wearing bikini tops and Australian surf shorts. Additional pool activities include the back yard pool with the girls wearing our own Hipster bikinis and One Piece suits. We bought a GoPro HD camera for our bicycling videos, and as it's waterproof, we let the girls shoot themselves while splashing around. All those underwater segments will be on Disc 3. The last segment on Disc 2 is with E by herself in the porch pool when she was helping out on Babs Easter Special.

Disc 3 features the GoPro underwater segments with limited editing and the last inside set with E and H on the stage set.  Overall the girls have fun together and we look forward to shooting the girls for a long time!

 This 3 Disc set is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media

Some sample video images from the Spring Special Disc 1: 


Some sample video images from the Spring Special Disc 2: 


December 2010 Special shot with the new HD camera.

E Christmas DVD! Our first HD video camera production! That's right, full HD at 1920 x 1080 resolution camera**. We invested in some HD equipment to bring "crystal clear images", a quote from our test customer! The title has 6 model sessions with E and H wearing some specially made outfits.

**Note: the final DVD production is standard definition DVD format.

Disc 1: We have the girls on our decorated stage with lights and tinsel for a festive Christmas backdrop. We shot this a few days after Christmas actually. The first set features the custom made dresses with white stockings. The girls have a lot of fun with each other and can make up games as they go. Set two has the girls wearing cute bikinis on the stage with more energy, fun and games...like ripping my tinsel into little pieces! The Bubble Bath was split up and part 2 is on Disc one. The last modeling set is a short one with the girls wearing the open front rompers, E in black pvc and H in her Pink Kittens fabric.

Disc 2: I set up a inflatable pool in the kitchen and had the girls start off with a hot water spray bottle fight but that turned into a hot water poured over their heads with H sister assistance. The water fun in the kitchen continues with the girls wearing different bikinis and tops. This is a longer set. We warm the girls up in a soapy bubble bath for the final extended session with the girls wearing one piece suits. Over all the girls had fun and we look forward to the next session with them.

 This 2 Disc title is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media  

Some sample video images from the December 2010 Disc 1 and 2: 


Summer DVD 4 with her best friend!

Elizabeth Summer Special 4! This new 3 Disc set features a friend of E, introducing beautiful Heather! We have 5 sets with the girls together and sets with E and her big sis, Alex.

Disc 1 introduces us to H, her best friend. She is the same age as E, and not quite the same height, but she is full speed! The first session has the girls wearing the catsuit shorts as a warm up set. The girls are fun to watch as they make up games on the fly. The second set has matching bikini tops and short shorts. Set three has the girls wearing our cute Morena Park Bikinis with socks. The girls have been friends for a long time and have great interaction!

Disc 2  has the Black Pvc Gothic outfit as seen on Alex 9 DVD. When the girls came over  after Niki, there was some baby oil residue on the stage area, even though I had cleaned up, the girls didn't like my clean up job, so E does the clean up in the red catsuit looking beautiful as always!  The rest of Disc 2 has E and H out on the beach.

Disc 3 continues with the rest of the beach sessions, as expected getting the girls away from the beach is a bit of a task! So by the time we got back to do the last set with the one piece suits the girls were tired and moody! Disc 3 has the chocolate fight between  big Sis as seen on Alex 9 and as a bonus there is a short outdoor set with Alex and E in one pieces posing while I take pictures. Released in 2011

 This 3 Disc title is available for  $39.99 on DVD-R Media

Some sample video images from the Summer 4 Disc 1, 2 and Disc 3: 

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