Got the DVDs... R&R are pretty great. Hopefully they come back again and 
do some dancing. Have babs show them how to twerk :P


So far I am really impressed with the new girls and I hope they will return for more sessions. As always A is stunning and I love how she wears the sheer sets. She has a fantastic body and I really love her curves.  Nevaeh is just a gorgeous young lady and she is outstanding in her first sets. I really would like to see more of her and hope she will progress into more bold sets if she comes back. Just a fantastic body one her. Rachel and Rheya look fantastic in the Gothic set and Rachel really hits it out of the park with the sheer outfit, My screen almost melted. Very nice beach scenes, it is a nice break from the inside sessions. The paint was fantastic and R and R were looking spectacular and seemed like they were real pros at modeling.

Glad to see H and it looks like she is healing well. Glad she is doing well and I hope she was not too hard on her roommates dog. Hope she returns to model soon.

The question at the end of paint, Hell yes we want them to come back. It sounds like you and them have already planned the next shoot, that is good.

Please tell all of the girls, old and new that we fans are very pleased and the are all beautiful and we are glad to support them and also you Dave.

PS, if they ever do any specials, I am in to support that effort.

Great work, Brian